my bf knows how to sail and stuff so we were going to fuck on a boat so when we sailed out to somewhere isolated we started making out pretty intensely and i kissed his neck and earlobe and whispered “aye aye captain” and he said “i can’t hear you” so i said it again and then he fucking went “oooooooooooooh” and started singing the fucking spongebob theme song i wanted to kill him

Kurt Cobain



if i ever don’t reblog this assume i’m dead

Remember that this game was supposed to be educational.


*grows 420 acres of corn* haha maize it


still my favorite vine

New Creepypasta


A doctor tries to see if without his senses, a man can sense god. So he disconnects every nerve ending in this mans brain and he just starts shitting. This guys literally shitting everywhere holy shit this is disgusting so he’s shitting and the doctor said Fuck